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How to use Calculator Pro+?

How to Use CalculatorPro+:

  • Step 1: Launch the App.
  • Step 2: Grant the necessary permissions for the app to function correctly.
  • Step 3: Set a PIN to protect the app from unauthorized access.

To Hide the App:

  • Step 1: If you have an Android operating system version older than Android 10, you can hide the app and access it through a web browser.
  • Step 2: Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to open the app with a browser: Learn more

Enabling Free Messaging:

  • Step 1: Upon launching the app, you will see the registration screen. You can register with your mobile number to avail of the free messaging service. If you prefer not to register, you can skip this step.

Backup and Restore:

  • After registration, you will be prompted to select the Google account for backup purposes.

Configuring AdvanceSMS To CalculatorPro+:

  • Step 1: You have the option to add contacts. If you haven’t installed the AdvanceSMS app, you will see a dialog asking if you want to hide SMS/MMS.
  • Step 2: If you click “yes,” you will be redirected to a screen with instructions on how to download AdvanceSMS and configure it with CalculatorPro+. For more information, you can See Video

Messaging Options:

  • For more detail about types of messaging services: Click here

1) Free Messaging:
  After registering, you can utilize the free messaging service.

2) Paid SMS:
  By purchasing a top-up balance, you can send paid SMS. Learn more

3) SMS:
  You can use your SIM credit to send SMS.

For more feature details, See Video