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What are premium features options available in Android Calculator Pro+ client ?

Below are three premium feature options available for Android Calculator Pro+ clients.

1. Pro version:

  • This option will remove ads from the application.
  • Access to all premium themes.
  • Customized Bubble Color and style.
  • Customize Font Size, Color & Style.
  • Customized Profile Image Style.

2. Topup (SMS Credits):

  • You can buy credit and use it to send SMS from our server, by this way you can hide out going messages from your cellular bill.
  • 5€ euro (balance of 5€) (life time validity)
  • Know more about SMS Credits, Click here

3. Virtual Number:

  • Virtual phone number is like your cell phone number which allow you to send/receive messages to/from any other phone number.
  • You can keep your personal phone number hidden from some contacts and also hide message log from your cell phone bill by using virtual number.
  • Know more about virtual number, Click here